Sibley, Iowa

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Sibley was settled in 1872 and incorporated in 1875. Sibley was named after General Henry Hastings Sibley. He was a renowned Indian fighter who became the first territorial governor of Minnesota. He is also the namesake of the  high school's mascot, The Sibley-Ocheyedan Generals.

For many years this area of Iowa was considered un-farmable because of the lack of trees. However, when the railroad decided to lay tracks between Sioux City and Minneapolis settlers came and discovered the rich soil. The soil is the backbone to Sibley's agricultural community.

When you enter Sibley you will find yourself in a friendly town near the highest point in Iowa, which has a elevation of 1,670 feet. Recently the main street in Sibley was beautifully restored with historical authenticity. The downtown area now says: "Welcome, Enjoy our town", with its cobblestone streets, old-fashioned lamp posts, and decorative flags.

Sibley has a strong agricultural base augmented by its healthy retail community, thriving Industrial base, excellent schools, exceptional medical community, and numerous churches.



  • 1 Public Golf Course
  • 2 Public Tennis Courts
  • 3 Public Parks
  • 1 Country Club
  • 1 Swimming Pool (754-2205)
  • 1 Movie Theatre
Cultural and Informational Resources


Sibley Public Library

The Sibley Public Library holds approximately 19,000 books, periodicals, videos, audio cassettes, and paperbacks. Other items available include microfilm, large print books, and several internet capable computers. The library was began in 1874 when a library association was formed. The books were kept in the County Recorder's Office. Plans for a library began in 1895. The current library building was built in 1917 with a $10,000 Carnegie grant. The library has undergone two major renovations. The first was in 1985 and the second in 2009.

Throughout the year the Sibley Public Library offers several programs for children. These include: a story hour for preschool age children and the annual summer reading program.